Jira tracks issues, which can be bugs, feature requests, or any other tasks you want to track.

Each issue has a variety of associated information including:

  • the issue type
  • a summary
  • a description of the issue
  • the project which the issue belongs to
  • components within a project which are associated with this issue
  • versions of the project which are affected by this issue
  • versions of the project which will resolve the issue
  • the environment in which it occurs
  • a priority for being fixed
  • an assigned developer to work on the task
  • a reporter - the user who entered the issue into the system
  • the current status of the issue
  • a full history log of all field changes that have occurred
  • a comment trail added by users
  • if the issue is resolved - the resolution

Issue Types

Jira can be used to track many different types of issues. The currently defined issue types are listed below. In addition, you can add more in the administration section.

For Regular Issues
Time Request
Travel request
Purchase Requisition
A request for an item to be ordered by Helpdesk
Mini IDF
Mini IDF
Created by Jira Software - do not edit or delete. Issue type for a user story.
Annual Leave Yearly Days Submit
Server/Website Issue
Server/Website Issue
Insight Unit
I wish to go on leave
IP Address Entry
IP Address Entry Issue Type
Insight Website Support
Insight Project
Insight Project
Annual Leave
Flexi Time
Hardware Item
A piece of hardware in the inventory
External User
A web services user (not an employee or student)
Created by Jira Software - do not edit or delete. Issue type for a big user story that needs to be broken down.
Public End Point
Public End Point
AWS Account
Amazon Web Services Account
DSI member
A DSI employee or student
Account Code
Credit Card Purchase
A request to purchase an item personally and claim back
SDA Action
Sick Leave
Parental Leave
Maternity Leave
A problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product.
New Feature
A new feature of the product, which has yet to be developed.
A task that needs to be done.
An improvement or enhancement to an existing feature or task.
For Sub-Task Issues
The sub-task of the issue

Priority Levels

An issue has a priority level which indicates its importance. The currently defined priorities are listed below. In addition, you can add more priority levels in the administration section.

Blocks development and/or testing work, production could not run.
Crashes, loss of data, severe memory leak.
Major loss of function.
Minor loss of function, or other problem where easy workaround is present.
Cosmetic problem like misspelt words or misaligned text.


Status Categories

Helps identify where an issue is in its lifecycle.
Issues move from To Do to In Progress when work starts on them, and later move to Done when all work is complete.


Represents anything for which work has been completed

In Progress

Represents anything in the process of being worked on

No Category

A category is yet to be set for this status

To Do

Represents anything new

Issue Statuses

Each issue has a status, which indicates the stage of the issue. In the default workflow, issues start as being Open, progressing to In Progress, Resolved and then Closed. Other workflows may have other status transitions.

The issue is open and ready for the assignee to start work on it.
IT Check
This issue is being reviewed by IT Helpdesk to ensure all information is correct
This issue was once resolved, but the resolution was deemed incorrect. From here issues are either marked assigned or resolved.
The issue is considered finished, the resolution is correct. Issues which are closed can be reopened.
Drafted; Awaiting Project Leader Approval
Project Leader Approved; Awaiting Budget Clearance
Budget Confirmed; Awaiting Ops Approval
Ops approved; Awaiting PO creation
PO Created; Awaiting placement
PO placed; Awaiting Delivery
Rehire Paperwork Complete; Awaiting Account Creation
PO not created; Awaiting alternative placement
Order placed without PO; Awaiting Delivery
Approved; Awaiting Flight Booking
Awaiting Director Approval
Approved; Awaiting Paperwork
Paperwork Complete; Awaiting Account Creation
Left; Awaiting Account Expiration
Advance claim processed
Some items delivered; awaiting order completion
Transitional status
Approval restrictions bypassed
Update requested
Awaiting Approval
Annual Leave
Time Request Approved
Requested Day
To Do
Pending Approval
Pending Approval
Awaiting Leave Approval
Awaiting Leave Approval
Leave Approved
Leave Denied
Leave Request Pending Update
Leave Req Cancelled
In Review
Awaiting TTO Assessment
Draft Full Form IDF
Pending Updated Info
Pending Updated Details
IDF Proposal Found Unsuitable by TTO
Register in Inteum
Registered in Inteum
Drafted; Awaiting Director Approval
Drafted; Awaiting Director Approval
Director Approved
Rehire; Awaiting Director Approval
Rehire Director Approved
Role Change; Awaiting director approval
Role Change Director Approved
Not Coming or Declined
Pending Update Budget Clearance Issue
Pending Update Budget Clearance Issue
Petty Cash Claim
Accounts Closed; Pending eMail Account Suspension
Pending Expense Claim Processing
You have 3 months after the travel end date to submit your expenses for processing.
Active Member
Awaiting Poster PO Creation
Poster PO Created; Awaiting Placement
Poster PO Placed; Awaiting Delivery
Under Review
In Progress
GRC Scheduled
GRC Completed
GRC Report Processed
On Hold
Pending Quote Attachment
Pending Cost Centre Assignment
Approved; Proceed to AWS account creation
Pending AWS Account ID Update
Active AWS Account


An issue can be resolved in many ways, only one of them being "Fixed". The defined resolutions are listed below. You can add more in the administration section.

A fix for this issue is checked into the tree and tested.
Won't Fix
The problem described is an issue which will never be fixed.
The problem is a duplicate of an existing issue.
The problem is not completely described.
Cannot Reproduce
All attempts at reproducing this issue failed, or not enough information was available to reproduce the issue. Reading the code produces no clues as to why this behavior would occur. If more information appears later, please reopen the issue.
Time Management
Time Management
Won't Do
This issue won't be actioned.
Director Approved
Director Approved